Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sanford And Seminole County Bail Bond Website With Useful Information

The part of the criminal justice process that I was the least familiar with was the bail bond process. I decided to do a little research to get more information about the process in Seminole County. I came across a Seminole County Bail Bondsman website with useful information about the bail bond process in Sanford and the surrounding area. Meeting with a bail bondsman is the often the first step in the long process when someone is accused of a crime. My understanding of the bail bonds process was that you pay 10% and you get out. This is basically true but I have learned that payment plans are also available with some bondsman. Collateral is not always required but if the individual is a flight risk collateral might be required to help protect the bondsman. These fine details are what makes the difference when selecting a bondsman. 

Defending against a criminal charge can be expensive. Using a bondsman can reduce the amount of money that you have to tie up on the front end of the case. Posting a cash bond and diligently defending a series charge can be expensive. A bondsman reduces the cost of getting out of jail by 90%. On a Seminole County burglary of a dwelling case that saves you $4410 on the cost of getting out of jail. The above mentioned site also provides a bond schedule for Seminole County cases. If someone you know has been arrested contact a bondsman to get them out of jail as soon as possible. Once they are out of jail or if the bond is unreasonably high contact our Seminole County criminal defense attorney. We offer a free consultation on all criminal defense cases. Call 407-268-3688 to set up a consultation.