Friday, December 31, 2010

Arrested For DUI? You Have 10 Days To Save Your License

In Florida if you are arrested for DUI and blow over the legal limit or refuse a lawful breath, blood or urine test your license will be suspended administratively after 10 days. This is unfair because people that have access to money are able to quickly hire an attorney and fight the administrative suspension. A 42 day driving permit can be obtained by filling out a simple form and paying $25. This buys an additional 10 days before the pre-hearing statement is due (some times more depending on how fast the paperwork is processed) to hire an attorney. You can find DUI information at Free DUI Lawyer Florida Information. To view sample forms for the DUI administrative process including Subpoenas, Pre-hearing statements and request for a formal review hearing go to Free Florida DUI Forms. I do not recommend proceeding without a lawyer. If you need time to retain an attorney this site is intended to show examples of the forms to file and provide some information about Florida DUI law.

Friday, December 17, 2010

How can you beat a DUI case

If you are charged with a DUI in Florida two separate issues come up. You are facing an administrative suspension of your driver's license and criminal sanctions including probation, driver's license suspension, fines, court cost, classes, increased insurance rates and in some cases jail. The first step anyone charged with DUI should take is to request a formal review of the administrative suspension within 10 days of being issued a DUI citation. If you refused a test for alcohol or drugs just asking for a formal review and paying $25 allows you to obtain a temporary driving permit for up to 42 days. This gives you time to retain an attorney to review your case. To receive this document free of charge scan a copy of the citation and send it to The best way to beat a DUI case is to challenge the stop. If the stop is illegal it devastates the state's case. For information on DUI driving stops in Florida go to Free DUI Lawyer Stop Information. For information about DUI equipment stops in Florida go to Free DUI Lawyer Equipment Stop. For additional Free DUI information go to Free DUI Lawyer Information Page. If you decide that you need to retain a DUI attorney in Central Florida go to Central Florida DUI Attorney. Additional DUI defense strategies will be discussed in future articles.

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DUI Attorney Kevin J. Pitts has the experience to handle your Central Florida criminal defense needs. Mr. Pitts handled thousands of cases with The State Attorney's Office. As a former Assistant State Attorney Kevin Pitts has extensive DUI experience. If you have a question about criminal or DUI law send me an E-mail or post a comment. For additional information about DUI Attorney Kevin J. Pitts including contact information go to Central Florida DUI Attorney.